London, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions[]

2006/12/27 Revision[]

Where and how often does the club meet?

On Thursday evenings, we meet at the central library (Galleria Mall; 251 Dundas Street; 3rd-floor Arts Department) from 6-9 pm (posted times... members often arrange to start earlier). We're generally situated at tables behind the elevators on the east side of the building. The backgammon boards make it easy to identify us.

On Friday afternoons, we host a program at the Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre (150 King Edward Ave; 519-668-2745).

How often do I have to participate?

As often or as seldom as you like. If you're going to be absent for more than a couple of weeks or if you decide to withdraw from the club, a phone call or an email to that effect is appreciated.

Do I have to be a good player?

We're interested in attracting members of all skill levels, and the only requirement is a desire for having fun.

Is there an age restriction?

There is no formal age restriction at this time.

Are lessons available?

The club does not offer any formal instruction at this time, but we do strongly encourage members to assist one another in a spirit of cooperation and good sportsmanship.

How can I get more information?

Contact Greg Fowler by phone (519-649-0500) or by email (