London, Ontario

Lodon Rogues sci-fi fantsy

The London Rogues Sci-fi/Fantasy is a community convention.

2nd. weekend in May every year.

Gibraltar Weekend Market. 1712 Dundas St. London Ontario Canada.

Created by the London Rogues & started in Springbank Park in 2007. In 2011 moved to the market.

Although the event started as a star wars celebration. It has now grown to include all sci-fi & fantasy. To name a few of the groups that attend every year: GEEKXGIRLS, London Fury Community, Stargate SG-16, Canada at midnight, Crimson Wings (anime), FUN (Force United Niagara), R2 Builders & London Steam Punk.

This is a non-profit event & raises money for charities.

The door fee helps to pay for guests & advertising.

Guests: 2011 Anthony Forrest, 2012 Pam Rose, 2013 Alan Flyng, Pam Rose & a Mad Max Interceptor ploice car!

As a community event we are proud to have local guests too: A. Jaye & Alison Williams of SillWill Studios, John Bulmer of Lone Castle Studios, Thomas A Knight an author, Between Panels an independent comic themed magazine & Marwan El Nashar writer & creator of Jinn Warriors.

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